As an independent consulting and engineering firm, IED has been involved in the provision of sustainable energy services since its creation in 1988. Our involvement extends from the study phase right through to the construction and commissioning of infrastructure such as distribution networks and renewable energy production plants.

We work for private investors and for clients in the public sector (power utilities, ministries, rural electrification agencies), and for international financial institutions.


IED buys SYSTEMS EUROPE's software

April 2016. IED, already publisher of specialized software GEOSIM GISELEC for the rural electrification sector, bought DAP, GAP, NAP and REBAN solutions to the former Belgian company SYSTEMS EUROPE to complement its software offer covering issues related to the planning of HV networks and energy generation and reducing losses on distribution

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Training on Rural Electrification Planning at Household Level Using GIS-Based Tools/Techniques

BatelecGeographical Information System (GIS) based approaches offer very interesting opportunities for least cost planning of rural electrification down to household level which is essential as the Philippines has almost reached 100% barangay electrification level which is the most costly.

As part of the SWITCH Policy Support initiative funded by the EU,

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National Electrification Workshop in Tanzania

Financed by NORAD, the National Electrification Program Prospectus was presented by IED on June 19th 2014 in Dar Es Salaam at Blue Pearl Hotel for a national workshop organized in collaboration with the Rural Energy Agency (REA).Workshop

The objectives  of the document achieved after 2 years's work, was to provide an outline of nation-wide electrification

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Video : Rural electrification through a biomass powered mini grid

ecran video

In Cambodia, IED identified, studied and implemented a 200kW biomass power plant, based on rice husks gasification, to provide in electricity a rural area of about 4000 households, bringing a service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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